SafuuGO is now a 100% community driven DAO

2 min readJul 10, 2023

The SafuuGO Protocol is now an entirely community owned project and driven by its native SGO holders.

Bryan Legend, founder of SafuuGO has given up complete reigns of the SafuuGO project with resignation of his role. With this act, he has decided to move on in life and focus on bigger and greater things outside of the crypto space.

His determination and vision for a better tomorrow has not gone unnoticed and the crypto community will always be in his debt and grateful for what he has contributed with many people being thankful for his major effort.

Bryan has been kind enough to offer up control of the fully developed and advanced SafuuGO protocol with the announcement of his departure. The ex-SafuuGO Treasury which Bryan controlled has sent the remainder of $150,000 BUSD to the new community owned MultiSig wallet which signifies that the SafuuGO project is now entirely community owned and driven.


All further development, led practices, business decisions including payments, partnerships and the general ongoing lifecycle of SGO token including marketing, support, community outreach such as Discord, Telegram plus any social media points is now square in the hands of the newly formulated SafuuGO DAO.

The new SafuuGO Medium states the same and all new official information will be communicated via a newly created DAO Medium account

The new SafuuGO Twitter account is

The new SafuuGO Discord is